The Petaluma Poetry Walk

Art of Poetry Walk by Richard Benbrook

The Petaluma Poetry Walk is an annual poetry festival founded in September 1996 by the late poet Geri Digiorno. It features over two dozen poets reading their works at eight venues. The event has grown over the years, attracting notable poets and a diverse audience and includes readings in both English and Spanish.

During this day-long “movable feast,” participants walk to different locations to enjoy a variety of poetic performances. It has become a cherished tradition in Petaluma, reflecting the city’s rich cultural and literary heritage.

Poetry Walk comic by Richard Benbrook

16 RiverS Press Poets

11am | Hotel Petaluma
205 Kentucky Street

Christina Lloyd
Alice Templeton
Murray Silverstein

with Event Presenter Terry Ehret

Photo by Scott Hess

Petaluma Cheese Shop
The Trio Poets

12 noon | The Petaluma Cheese Shop Tasting Room
112 Washington Street

Emily Schulten: Raleigh Review‘s Geri Digiorno Prize Winner
Lynn Watson
Gene Berson

with Event Presenter and PPW Co-producer, Bill Vartnaw

Photo courtesy of Petaluma Cheese Shop

Keller Street CoWork
The Sonoma Writers’ Workshop Poets

1pm | Keller Street CoWork
Main Lounge
140 Keller Street

Jonah Raskin
Lisa Summers
Stacey Tuel
and Steve Shain on Standup Bass

With Event Presenter Daedalus Howell

Photo courtesy of Keller Street Cowork

The Performance Poets

2pm | The Phoenix Theater
201 Washington Street

Maxine Flasher-Düzgüneş
Nancy Miller Gomez

Event Presenter Elizabeth Herron

Photo by Kary Hess

The Poets Laureate

3pm | Copperfield’s Books
140 Kentucky Street

Lee Herrick
California Poet Laureate
Genny Lim
Former San Francisco Jazz Poet Laureate

With Event Presenter Iris Jamahl Dunkle

Photo by Kary Hess

The Marin Poetry Center Poets

4pm | Usher Gallery
1 Petaluma Boulevard North

Ellery Akers
Lee Rossi

With Event Presenter: Francesca Bell

Photo by Kary Hess

Petaluma Historic Library Photo by Scott Hess
The Library Poets

5pm | The Petaluma Historical Library and Museum
20 4th Street

Georgina Marie Guardado
Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo

With Event Presenters Sabine Wolpert and John Johnson

Photo by Scott Hess

The Grande Finale

6-8pm | Aqus Café
189 H Street

Emilie Lygren
Kirk Lumpkin
Chris Olander
Lin Marie deVincent
Fran Carbonaro
Dave Seter Sonoma County’s NEW Poet Laureate

Event Presenter Gwynn O’Gara

Photo courtesy of Aqus Café

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